Ritual is a system of solemn ceremonial act, as defined in the dictionary. But for the students of Painting 2-1, "Ritwal" is more than a system, it is more than an act, it actually has a lot to do with art and expression and the whole class teaming up to bring out the product of their creative minds into open. The group which is composed of 46 students, held their first exhibit entitled "RITWAL: UNANG PAHID". Their main purpose is for the group to be familiarized with exhibitions and expositions, which goes hand in hand with being an artist.

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Hitting the mark


MANILA, Philippines - The major entries of the “My Bullish Art” competition presented by The Philippine STAR and Swatch were so numerous and varied that it was decided to come up with a second installment of the works. Clearly, the young artists who participated had an inexhaustible reservoir of novel ideas about the Year of the Ox.

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"Best 100" of Shell art opens at SM Megamall

The 2002 Shell National Students Art Exhibition - featuring major and minor prize winners and 100 best entries of the 35th Shell National Students Art Competition - will open at the 4th floor Bridgeway of the SM Megamall on October 16, 2002.

Expected to award the prizes in the four visual art categories - oil/acrylic, watercolor, sculpture and digital fine arts - is presidential daughter Evangelina Lourdes "Luli" M. Arroyo. She will also lead in the ribbon-cutting to formally open the exhibit.

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