Highs and lows of art contests.

Originally Published at Philippine Daily Inquirer. Feb 4, 2002. by Gino Dormiendo

ART CONTESTS have an uncanny way of extracting the best-and, if unchecked, also the worst-from practitioners. For a judge, the task of separating the chaff from the grain can prove awesome. A judge would need to see one particular work singly and also in comparison with other works, and subject it to the most rigorous standards.

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Acclaimed Pinoy painter Lauro Memije creates new packaging for Pan de Manila


In a press release, Pan de Manila reveals that they've tapped painter Lauro "Larry" Memije to create new packaging for them. Memije explianed, "We had this concept of a Pan de Manila store with people, but in an old house similar to those in Vigan, with one side featuring the pugon, or the old-style oven made of bricks." Memije is known for painting "old houses."

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Call for Entries: 45th Shell National Students Art Competition

45 nsac banner

During my university days, we were encouraged to join art contest, and Shell NSAC (National Students Art Competition) was the one of the first contests I ever joined - the others are Metrobank Young Painters Annual and UST's On-the-Spot Painting contest. My entry during that time was included on the select entries to be exhibited on Shangrila Mall. It was sold by the end of the exhibit. after my initial tries i went on to join 3 more of years of NSAC.

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I has been more than a year since I posted on my blog. i have made a major redesign on my site during this time (though it took me a very very long time and i am still not done with it) having been blessed with so many projects. During these times i have learned so much, On my future posts i will share them too along with my usual stuff.

Until then ;-)

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PALETA NI TOMASINO (A Collaborative Exhibit)


With the dawning of a new millenium, "Artiste Camaraderie" of Visual Art among UST Painting students grouped themselves for a collaborative exhibit tagged as "Paleta Ni Tomasino". It was held on the 22nd of January 2000 at Gallery 27 Roces situated along Roces Avenue, Quezon City in front of Amoranto Stadium.

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